chapter 6
Bottom up, top down

Bottom up, top down

Bottom up, top down

Edith and Heather live in Port Moody, BC. Both have a history of activism – and both are wrestling with how we can scale-up green solutions to a whole province or country. They recognize there are changes needed that are bigger than what any one of us, or even and entire community, can do alone. This is where politics and governments come in – but it’s also where Edith and Heather—like many of us—get frustrated. But what if we re-think our ideas about how democracy works, and how governments involve people in big decisions?

Learn & Act

So you want to be an activist

As Edith says in this chapter, activism can be as simple as having a conversation with friends or family - and it can take off from there. If you want to equip yourself with ideas and information to get help get those conversations started—or if you want to connect with groups making change here in BC—these links will get you started.

Getting governments involved

We need our governments to bring in policies that make a good, green life possible for everyone. The Climate Justice Project has lots of examples of what this could look like in BC and Canada – from ideas for a just and sustainable food system, to how we can create good jobs and a strong economy without relying on fossil fuel extraction.