Not too late to come out to the CCPA–BC gala on April 16! Grand Chief Stewart Phillip will talk about the meaning of Aboriginal title. To get tickets, click here.

On March 22nd, the Canadian Water Resources Association is hosting a public screening of BLUE GOLD: WORLD WATER WARS, a film that sheds light on the world’s rapidly approaching water crisis. To register, click here.

Interested in helping to set up a brand new Vancouver chapter of 350.org, a bottom-up movement of climate-based campaigns and events? Check out the Facebook page for upcoming meetings and updates.

Join us at the CCPA–BC gala on Thursday April 16 to hear Grand Chief Stewart Phillip talk about what Aboriginal title means for us all. Learn more and buy tickets here.

On Feb. 10th come check out Waterlution’s WaterCity 2040: a multi-stakeholder scenario planning initiative designed to envision and design plausible futures for Vancouver! People from a variety of backgrounds are invited to envision how Vancouver can move its water resiliency plans forward. Free participation with registration!

Ever wondered what it takes to live ‘off the grid’? Check out Life Off Grid, a film about people who have chosen to build their lives around renewable energy, with beautiful, inspiring, and often challenging results.

Living in Surrey and looking to build a more sustainable and resilient community? Consider attending The Work That Reconnects, a workshop for change-makers this Saturday January 17th. Registration is free! Find out more here.

Want your holidays to be wrapped in more meaning- and less stuff? Check out The Center for a New American Dream‘s guide to simplifying the season. Find tips and resources to help you reduce stress and increase personal fulfillment this holiday season here



Back by popular demand: the David Suzuki Foundation is hosting another event on Rewilding our Communities as a defence against climate change. The event is tonight, Dec. 9th.  Tickets are free and available here.