chapter 5
Scale it up

Scale it up

Scale it up

When James and Leanne wanted to make their home in Maple Ridge, BC, more energy efficient, they quickly learned that it’s not so simple, and it’s not cheap. But what about if 50 or 100 households in the area got on board, and instead of everyone having to re-invent the wheel, they had the benefit of an affordable, coordinated project that bulk buys goods and services? What does it take to organize with others in our communities to get things done on a bigger scale?

Learn & Act

As featured: The Now House Project

In this chapter, James talks about being inspired by The Now House Project, which is finding ways to make older homes energy efficient in creative, affordable ways.

A green industrial revolution

Retrofitting our homes and other buildings is key to reducing carbon emissions – and it creates green jobs. Learn more in this Climate Justice Project report.

The Story of Change

This animated video explores how we can go beyond making green choices on our own, as consumers, to get together as citizens to make change.