chapter 4
Slow it down

Slow it down

Slow it down

We live in a fast-paced world, and it can be hard to slow down. Most of us work long hours just to make ends meet. But what does it look like when people are able to make it work? It doesn’t mean spending every day in a hammock sipping a margarita, but it can mean having the time to focus on what you enjoy most. Carolyn and Thomas live in Squamish, BC. For them, slowing down means living a little more simply, and savouring everyday pleasures – like their passion for growing and eating sustainable foods.

Learn & Act

As featured: Your local farmers market

Carolyn works as manager of the farmer's market in Squamish, BC. Want to find a market in your community? Here's a locator for farmer's markets in BC.

What do a living wage and slowing down have in common?

If you're working long hours just to pay the bills and feed your family, slowing down is a luxury you can't afford. A living wage can change that.

The Story of Stuff

Why is it so important to slow down the pace of our consumption? Annie Leonard lays it all out in this animated video.

Every bite counts

In this chapter Carolyn and Thomas talk about their passion for sustainable food. What would it take to create a sustainable food system for an entire region or province? Learn more in this Climate Justice Project report.