the Good Life — the Green Life
chapter 1
The crossroads

The crossroads

The crossroads

Today we are at a crossroads. Climate change threatens our health, our natural environment, and our economic security. Not surprisingly, most of us feel overwhelmed by environmental problems of this scale – and wonder what if anything we can do about them. But as we stand at this crossroads, more and more people are finding ways to re-define our relationship to the environment. By thinking about choices in their everyday lives, and by working together to make change on a larger scale. People like David, Leanne, James, Puneet, Carolyn, Thomas, Tanya, Edith and Heather.

Learn & Act

Climate Change 101

Want a refresher about what climate change is and how it works? Check out this great video with Bill Nye The Science Guy.

The fight of our lives

Naomi Klein on why it's difficult but vital that we all come to terms with climate change.

Think global, act local

Want to connect with other people in your community who are taking action on climate change? brings people together in communities all around the world.